Gut Healing & the Holidays

When: Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Time: 10am - 12pm

Instructor: Angie Shuman of Wild Earth Herbals

Cost: $30

Do you ever wonder why we seem to get so sick during the holidays? Spoiler alert-it's not the cold weather. In this workshop we will learn all about leaky gut, what causes it and how to prevent and heal it. We will learn about foods and herbs to heal the gut and everyone will go home with their own kombucha starter kit. Cost is $30 per student (includes cost of kombucha starter).

Angie Shuman began studying herbalism 10 years ago and has been practicing for almost 5 years. She following the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing and believes that all health begins with proper nutrition.  By incorporating nourishing foods in her herbalism practice, she is able to help clients and customers create sustainable health plans that allow them to avoid conventional modern medicine.

Gut Healing & the Holidays
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