Drumming for Stress Release & Creative Expression w/ Bhakti Larry Hough

Stress is one of the biggest health issues facing our society.

Recent studies have indicated that group drumming increases alpha-waves in the brain, leading to stress-reduction and the ability to relax and focus. Research has also shown that group
drumming can lower levels of stress hormones in the blood like cortisol.

Join us for a fun and engaging series of four weekly classes of drumming that will lend themselves to joy and release.

In this session,  participants will use West African djembe drums to channel stress energies into beautiful pulsating musical rhythms. There will be group drumming and solo drumming for individual creative expression. 

This is not a music class focused on in-depth learning of West African music, but participants will learn the basics of hand drumming and West African rhythms.  The focus is on creativity and self-expression within a structured process.

Fast-paced, rhythmic drumming will increase energy and get you moving—resulting in a sweaty, exuberant release. But slower, softer drumming will so have its place.

Sessions will be an hour long with breaks at 15-minute intervals, adjusted for focus and frustration tolerance.

**ONLY 5 spots available, unless you have your own drum!

Times/Dates of Classes: Thursdays 7-8pm, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, & 10/25