Manifest Your Destiny: Intention Setting & Vision Board Workshop

April 29, 2018, 2-5 pm

The New Moon is the time to create a plan of action for the upcoming days. As we transition into the Astrological New Year, this is the most potent time to access the Universe to Manifest our desires. Things about ourselves that we want to change or accomplish. We all probably created New Year's Resolutions. How many of us stick to them? I bet no one does-at least not for very long. The reason: language.

In Manifest Your Destiny, you will learn the basics of the Laws of Attraction, how and why we need to use Primal Language, what it means to "Manifest" and create your own Vision Board!

What is a Vision Board? It is a visual representation of your dreams, desires, and hopes. Think of it as a real life Pinterest board!

The cost is $30 in advance and $35 at the door. You will be supplied with everything you need to create your Vision Board and healthy snacks so you stay nourished and hydrated during the workshop.

Dress comfortably and be open to changing your mindset!

About the Teacher: Angie Shuman began studying herbalism 10 years ago and has been practicing for almost 5 years. She following the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing and believes that all health begins with proper nutrition. By incorporating nourishing foods in her herbalism practice, she is able to help clients and customers create sustainable health plans that allow them to avoid conventional modern medicine. She is currently studying with Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts to be a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner combining physical healing modalities, nutrition, and life coaching. She has been creating vision boards and practicing Mindful Manifesting for 12 years.