FULL - Arts and Animals Summer Camp (K-2nd grade)

Using live animals and illustrated books, K-2nd will learn to love animals and the joy of reading and enjoy making their own art.

Day One: Explore the world of Beatrix Potter. By observing and holding live animals, such as bunnies and a hedgehog, children learn how to draw their own animal characters and make cute stories.
Day Two: Using Jan Brett books and live animals from these stories, children make their own puppets to use in acting out stories from her books.
Day Three: The book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, will be more entertaining in the presence of a live mouse. Students can make mouse art and even make no-bake cookies to eat.
Day Four: Illustrated books about horses are much more fun to read when a miniature horse comes for a visit. Children will enjoy grooming a live horse and making horseshoe art.
Day Five: The world of Eric Carle comes to life with animals from the books. Children will get to make their own art with patterned pieces of paper. 

Instructor: Joanne Lucwick
When: July 24-28
Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm
Grade: K-2nd
Cost: FULL