Introduction to the Art of Fishing

Saturday, February 17th, 28 1-3pm

This 2-hour workshop will be an introduction to basic knowledge of equipment and fishing techniques, such as hooks and bait, with illustration, thorough explanation, and personal antidote. The primary focus of this workshop series is on fresh water fishing. By practicing these techniques, you will successfully be able to catch fish! It will be a fun and interactive workshop! *Includes a small starter kit of hooks, weights, ect.

Three workshops will be offered, each building on the previous one. This introduction is required before advancing to the other Art of Fishing workshops. Future workshops will include outside practice and utilizing the information with combined skills learned in classroom, such as tying, casting, bait, types of fish, weights, and corks. *rod/reel/poles are extra and NOT included, but will not be needed until 2nd and 3rd workshops.

Teacher: Debbie Broadway is an Artist in Florence, SC. Her background has years of experience from childhood to adulthood and continues. This includes bream, crappie, bass and catfish. She has caught many fish through the years using various techniques that will be taught in this workshop.

Introduction to the Art of Fishing

An introduction to the basics of fishing: hooks, bait, etc with illustration and explanation. 

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