Summer Solstice Yogastrology inspired class w/Mary Beth Bender

Saturday, June 23 9am - 12pm
'Hidden deep in the secrets of natural healing, an elegant tradition aligns areas of the body with monthly zodiac signs.' 
This is the practice of Yogastrology®, a blend of both yoga & astrology. 

In honor of the Summer Solstice, Certified Yogastrology® inspired teacher, Mary Beth Bender will lead you through a discussion of astrology and how this connects to both the physical and subtle bodies. Following this discussion she will
guide you through an asana practice that will align the seasonal lunar energy with the current astrological transits in the sky.

She will also provide you with the proper tools & techniques for taking this practice beyond your yoga mat. 

Early Pricing: $40 until June 15th
Price will increase to $50 after.

Mary Beth Bender is a registered 500 hour yoga educator who began practicing yoga and mindfulness nearly 20 years ago. She is a creative spirit currently living  in Charlotte, NC. She founded Twist Kids Yoga, a children’s yoga school where she teaches yoga to small children and trains adult to teach. In addition, She is also an astrologer and teaches yogastrology(r) inspired classes. She believes that yoga is for everybody, no matter the shape, size or level of flexibility. She encourages everyone to show up and breathe. Doing this means showing up for life.