Gentle Chair Yoga w/Mary Reames

Tuesday's in April 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, & 4/24 from 9:30-10:15    ------ $35

Gentle Chair Yoga is chance for seniors, those with injuries, or anyone who is interested to slow down their lives by connecting to their breath and moving in a way that nourishes the body. Mary starts her classes with meditation focusing on pranayama (breath work) and an intention or mantra for the rest of class. Then she moves students through a gentle warm-up with many circular movements, releasing synovial fluid back into the body. Together, Mary and her students work on opening up the chest, shoulders, hips, and moving in a way that helps increase flexibility, circulation, and relaxation! Class ends with shavasana or brief guided meditation to help end the day. Please join Mary every Tuesday morning in April from 9:30-10:15 am for this rejuvenating, relaxing, and heart-warming practice. Look forward to seeing you in your chairs! Namaste Yogis.

About the Teacher:

Mary’s first experience with yoga was in 2012 after a lengthy break from college and during a time that connection to self was the most important aspect of her life. On her first day of class, Mary discovered the connection she was missing between her mind, body, and spirit. She’s been drawn to Yoga’s challenges, as well as it’s relaxing techniques ever since. Yoga has inspired Mary to accept herself exactly as she is, release the negative, and embrace this very moment. After coaching Crossfit for several months, Mary realized her athletes were missing something. She found that they didn’t seem to stretch and were seeking body awareness. Keegan White, ERYT-500, was one of Mary’s mentors and encouraged her to re-connect with Yoga. Mary signed up for the Kunga Yoga Training at Wilmington Yoga Center in 2015 and has never looked back. This training opened Mary up to new possibilities, love, light, and even dance!    

Mary has a passion to inspire her students through movement, meditation, essential oils, and self-care. She even incorporates some of the techniques from her meditation teaching at Shambhala’s Level 1  training, “The Art of Being Human” in Durham, North Carolina. Through her healing journey, Mary integrates meditation, pranayama, asana, and sometimes even dance into her classes. She hopes for her students to feel relaxed, balanced, energized, at peace and of course, to have fun. Mary continues her yoga training every year, incorporating new techniques and styles of yoga. In 2017, Mary trained with David Emerson at the Wilmington Yoga Center trying to assimilate trauma sensitive yoga into her practice and her teaching. Mary’s is excited to bring Yoga to her students and all walks of life. She continues to return to her mat day after day and invites you to join her as well. Namaste Yogis.