Heal Yourself Without Medicine Series: Shoulder & Neck**

Heal Yourself Without Medicine Series: Shoulder & Neck**

Saturday, 4/20 10-11:30am

If you live in the 21st century in the US, you have experienced shoulder and neck discomfort. In this technological world, our bodies are compromised as we spend countless hours in front of computers and looking down at our cellphone screens. This class is intended to shed light on the root of our shoulder, neck and back pain, and offer tools to help soothe and relax tight and overworked tissue in the body. This is a yoga class with Hannah Rose Williams and will include relaxation techniques such as breath work and meditation, as well as many poses to bring relief and restoration within the neck and shoulders. Empower yourself to heal yourself and learn what #selfcare is all about!

**Disclaimer: The information and practices offered in this workshop are not intended to replace medical support and/or supervision of any sort. Rose is a Licensed Massage Therapist and is unable to diagnose and/or treat ailments of any kind.

Upcoming Topics:

  • Shoulder & Neck (4/20 10-11:30am)

  • Spine Health 101 (TBA)

  • Pelvic Floor Health & Anatomy (TBA)

  • Unlock Your Hips (TBA)

Teacher BIO

Hannah Rose is a free spirited yogi with a deep passion for healing. She discovered yoga during her first years of college while she experienced feelings of depression, anxiety and self doubt. She found that yoga helped her relax and become comfortable in her own skin which opened her eyes to seeing the world in a more understanding way. Now she feels called to assist others in discovering their own personal liberation, as she lives by the sentiment that true freedom can only be found within. Her classes are focused on synchronizing the movement of breath and body to cultivate presence in the here and now. Hannah Rose received her Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance in Darjeeling, India. In addition, she offers Reiki therapy, massage and chakra healing energy services.