Rebirth Into Love with Jane Ritz

Rebirth Into Love w/Jane Ritz
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When you look into the mirror, do you see your reflection in unconditional love or do you look away?  Do you look and think that when you lose that weight you’ll look better? Are you frustrated with the reflection always being the same, alone, bored, and tired? Do you put on a fake smile so no one sees how much you loathe your face, hair, skin?  Or do you avoid the mirror at all costs?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this hometown retreat is for you. We will discuss and release the limiting beliefs of our beauty.  You will receive a new perspective on your strength, your beauty, your power. Your ability to grow brighter, deepen your connection increase capacity to understand and regulate your thoughts, words, and actions that will serve you in all areas of relationship.


We’ve been conditioned, programmed, and trained to compare our body to models and the media.  We know that we should accept ourselves, yet the inner dialogue when we look in the mirror is killing us. This weekend is designed to gently call out these old messages in light and humor (I may even have some old photos to share!). The old body-shaming messages will be brought to the table and we will heal them together.

We’ll become very present in our bodies and tune in to our heart space through a sound journey and meditation.  We will reprogram and rewrite our reality into a paradigm that truly is loving and accepting of our unique bodies. We’ll journal and create personal mantras.  We will create and practice radical self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. We’re ready to take our bodies back and stand strong in our Divine Power and we’ll explore that with breathwork and movement.  We are all Goddesses and we have been wearing a veil too thick to see and acknowledge it.

This gathering is intended to explore areas of acceptance, love, and nourishment of these beautiful vessels as well as discover ways to embrace our life experience more fully.  I intend for this weekend to activate our perfect nature, allowing her to be seen and heard, appreciated and adored. This will be a time of reactivating, remembering, and rebirth.  

Friday (26th) 6-9pm:  Welcome. Grounding. Intention setting.

Saturday (27th) 10am-6pm:

  • Morning: Light moves, stretch & breathwork. Teachings & Discussion. **Lunch provided**

  • Afternoon:  Energy movement.  Discussion w Q&A. Journaling.

  • Evening:   Sound Journey & Meditation. Discussion. Releasing Ceremony.  

Sunday (28th) 9am-12pm: Light moves & meditation. Reflect. Discuss. Gifts.

Cost- $88 in advance; $108 day of

What to Bring:  Journal & Favorite Pen. Yoga Mat. Whatever you’re comfortable in. Item for alter.


Jane Ritz is a Spiritual Guide and metaphysics junkie.  With a background in Psychology and Earth Science, she has a solid framework through which she intuits and shares ancient knowledge of Humaning.  Jane guides individuals and groups to an inspired and joyful space, connecting with your highest self, and shares how she perceives you through a lens of unconditional love.  Her intention is to provide a clear path to follow your heart, to create a stillness to hear your truth with ease, and to open the doorways of creative freedom.

Jane works with Enlightened Leaders to create an uplifting and balanced work/life environment.  She offers guidance and tools to those seeking an intentional and amplified mind/body/spirit connection.  Jane facilitates inspiring classes for children at a private school as well as working with non-profits to support the homeless and those in recovery.  Her mission is to consciously create a future for a world that is loving, compassionate, abundant, and unified. This begins with YOU following your heart.  Jane’s intention is to support the discovery of your purpose and follow it with ease.