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Painting With Friends Exhibit

Opening Reception May 10 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Exhibit on display May 4 - June 1st, 2018 at
Black Creek Arts Gallery and
the gallery at The Mantissa Suites.

Artists Story – Painting with Friends

About seven years ago, two or three of us began painting on Wednesday afternoon with Frankie Bush.  She supplies us with a palette and brushes and a watercolor project each week which we would work on at our home studios and bring the painting back the next week for critique which consisted of noting what was working well in the painting and suggesting something that would improve the work.

We were learning so much from the process.  Gradually we practiced glazing, value studies, composition techniques such as pouring, wax batik using rice paper, and many other projects.

Some of us began going to week-long seminars and bringing back our new knowledge to the rest of the group and trying the new techniques in original paintings.  We were learning so much and also enjoying our fellowship.

Gradually our group grew to eleven women eight from Hartsville and one from Cheraw another from Monroe, and one from Lake City.

Not only did we paint together we also travelled together to have fun and to see art and learn, learn, learn.

This art show is our second show.  Some of the group are also members of the Artists of South Carolina Cotton Trail and have exhibited many times in the past.

We hope you will enjoy our show as much as we have enjoyed all the painting we’ve done.

We have done an experiment again this year.  This time each of us brought in two items to put in a box. Then we took turn taking the box home, choosing objects to make a still life setting.  We could also add something “live” and a drape of our choice.  After photographing our set-up we passed the box to the next person.  We have each painted our still life for display in this show.

Please check out the items and find them in our paintings shown at Black Creek Arts Gallery. We also have work at Mantissa Hotel Gallery.

Enjoy the show,

Judy Askins-Jacobs, Sue Brand, Sherry Brown, Timi Bronson, Frankie Bush, Cornelia Joyner, MJ Martin,Gay Morrison, Lynda Szablueski, Jane Wheeler, Pam Youngblood.