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Dreams Recycled Exhibit

Dreams Recycled

Featuring works by Carolyn Atkinson

Opening reception September 6 from 5:30 - 7pm

Artist Statement

As a mixed media artist I try to create paintings from my own visions. We are always influenced by everything around us. If we can use these influences and create our own style we can create good art.  I am a very vivid dreamer day and night. As a child I was always accused of being a day dreamer. It got me into trouble in grammar school at times. I am grateful my Mother recognized it and nurtured my creativity.

I am a very sound sleeper and dream in very vivid colors. Crazy images about places I have never been and people I have never met. Sometimes I believe my subconscious is where my painting ideas come from, my personal dreams. I paint a lot of my own papers that go into my work. I may use a commercial stamp from time to time but mostly I do all of the creating. A painting may start in one place and end up somewhere entirely different. It can certainly appear to be utter madness but to me I get it. It is my vision, my dreams, my story. I hope it speaks to you as it does me.