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Dreams of Bees: Mixed media works by Adrian Rhodes

Dreams of Bees
Mixed Media works by Adrian Rhodes
Opening reception January 10 from 5:30 - 7pm
this exhibit will be on display until February 8th

Artist Statement

Visit Adrian’s website for additional work

After the death of my parents, I find my experience to be one of extremes. Caught between loss and the fierce joy of raising my daughters, my work draws on this conflict and a subsequent awareness of the passage of time. I attempt to hold these extremes simultaneously while pushing the potential of printmaking as a vehicle for installation. As a medium based in the creation of the multiple, print becomes a method for creating structure. This framework indulges a desire for order, creating a space for disruptions. Building, breaking and rebuilding again, the process reflects the recalibration inherent in the search for a “new normal” as life shifts the ground beneath me.

Using printmaking as a fuel for installation and collage allows the work to inherit visual information from piece to piece, combining imagery in a search for understanding. Referencing the unknown, sky charts reflect an attempt to map, chart and control a vastness that escapes us. Bees stand for complex maternal bonds across generations- the crucial function of these pollinators, paired with the complexity and matriarchal nature of the hive, referencing life’s vitality and renewal.

The pomegranate, with its loaded history, draws on dual natures of life and death, fertility, renewal and decay. DNA structures and collage processes examine issues of inheritance. Pulling on the iconography of these symbols and objects I attempt to frame a question- “How can we hold these extremes of bitter and sweet - forces which stand in such opposition they should not be able to coexist, and yet they do- so how do we find the balance of them?”

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