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The Garden: Featuring works by Rachel Donnelly

The Garden

Featuring works by Rachel Donnelly

Opening Reception March 7 from 5:30-7p

Rachel Donnelly was born in Union, New Jersey in 1990. Donnelly predominantly works in the medium of printmaking, but also utilizes fibers in multimedia work. Donnelly graduated from the University of South Carolina in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking. She currently resides in Columbia, SC.

Artist Statement

I observe and record my interpretation of objects and beings constantly shaped by their environment. I am particularly interested in exploring the similarities between the events in an individual's life that shape them and the natural conditions that influence the environment. Much like a stone produced through heat, pressure, climate, and erosion, human beings are shaped by their circumstances and environment. Similarly, two stones may begin with the same mineral composition, but exposure to the elements can shape them into two different materials. Both are simultaneously a product of and a part of their environments.

My early work utilized a similar concept, but focused on more representational depictions of the human form in connection to their environment. Currently, my work leans towards the abstraction of these elements. I find the abstraction of imagery gives me freedom to play with texture, line, and form.

Utilizing a technique that allows me to directly transfer the texture of skin onto a lithography stone, I create a visual blend of both human and stone subjects. The lithography stone becomes a mediator between the landscape and the softness of the body.

Printmaking is a meditative process. The preparation of lithography stones, carving into wood, and even the repetitive nature of inking up a matrix and pulling a print creates a introspective atmosphere that I find allows me to engage my images thoroughly and personally. This desire to fully engage my image is reflected in my multimedia work as well. Exploring an image further through sewing, collage, and drawing allows me to fully process and explore all possibilities of a concept.

This exhibit will be on display until March 29th