Mind Body Fusion: Yoga & Psychology of Eating

Mind Body Fusion: Yoga & Psychology of Eating


Slow Yoga Flow with mindful juicy movements to create space and nourishing your body. Reducing stress in movement, eating and living. Feel embodied, empowered and ease with Psychology of Eating discussion.

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We are passionate about teaching what we have learned on our yoga journey. We have 30 + years of experience combined and tons of studying under our belt. We feel called to share, connect and teach through Mind Body Fusion Workshops. We combine all aspects of Yoga into our workshop, not just the movement. Our mission is to have the students leave the workshop lit up, grounded and feeling amazing in their body. We will guide the students into their body, mind and soul through yoga, meditation, breathing and self care. All of these pieces create a well rounded class that gives the student permission to slow down, be present and most importantly have fun / explore. We have found it is important for us to care for ourselves on a much deeper level by the way we move, eat, think and live.

  • Slow Flow Yoga- Nourishing, juicy, spending time moving in the body.

  • Healing Meditatiom

  • Pranayama

  • Psychology of Eating discussion -  includes snacks and beverages

Meet Mandy A N D Hannah

Mandy and Hannah have been teaching yoga in the Charleston area since 2002, they both fell in love the moment they stepped on the mat. They received their certification from Holy Cow Yoga Center and continued to expand their knowledge with additional training and  workshops. They both studied Anusara Yoga for many years and fell in love with the Heart centered practice. As mothers, wives and teachers they are creating a life that feels aligned with them. They believe life can feel good, be fun and have a flow.

Mandy is a Thai Yoga Bodywork therapist and Ayrveda coach with over 1,000 hours of training, she still swears the best instruction and inspiration comes from nature, art and listening to the teacher within. Her teaching style is fun, funky, light hearted and playful exploration on the mat. You can find her @mandy_stewart_wozniak www.amritabodywork.com

Hannah is a Mind Body Eating Coach (aka Eating Psychology Coach).  Alignment of the mind, heart and body are key points in her classes. She guides her students to slow down, breath and connect to the deepest parts of themselves. Hannah blends yoga, meditation, nutrition and psychology in all of her coaching sessions. She believes we are more than what we eat, but what we think, believe and who we are as eaters. You can find her @avowellnessgroup www.avowellnessgroup.com